Virginia Marting is a visual artist exploring different mediums and techniques. Tattoo artist, print maker and puppeteer. She works both individually and collectively.

Her work is mainly representational or figurative, inspired by nature and our relationship with it. She works with symbolism. Through illustration she dives into concepts around environment and social justice.


I started to tattoo in 2006 while I was living in Basque Country, Spain. In 2014 I decided to start doing it professionally. I’m currently working at Skeleton Key, a shop located at 1729 SE Hawthorne Blvd. in Portland, Oregon, United States.

I really enjoy working on custom pieces. I like to do botanicals, nature inspired designs, line work and traditional style.

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Collective project with IdeAL PDX, at Haciendo Building on NE Killingsworth St. August 2019

Murals and Sign Paintings

I was trained in trompe l’oeile technique in Basque Country. Even if I don’t consider myself a realistic artist, taking this class gave me very specific tools at the moment of me doing a project in a wall or large scale.

I really enjoy when someone asks me to do this kind of work and I would like to do it more often.

Let me know if you want either an illustration, painting or the logo of your company and we can talk and decide if I’m the right person for you.


I come from a family full of puppeteers so I can say that I have been playing with puppets since I was a little kid and I continue to do so. I collaborate on different puppet projects with other artists since I moved to Portland Oregon.

I  teach puppet making workshops for kids, young and adults.

I’m currently working on a new project with Slow Blink Puppet Collective We have been working on “Areito” since January 2019 and we will be performing it on the Spring Equinox weekend, at Head Waters Theater in North Portland.
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