New Collaboration with Rise Up Good Witch!

Through the years Corinna, from Rise Up Good Witch and I have been collaborating. It always turns out in a great thing. She usually tells me an idea or concept and I draw it.

This time she asked me to work with her in a “Love Spell”. She told me the plants she wanted to see and mentioned the phases of the moon, giving me total freedom for the composition. She is using the design for some labels, stickers and other things.

Corinna and Rise Up Good Witch have a Patreon subscription, a podcast, offers tarot readings and herbals and keeps a great Instagram content. Go check her work!

Corinna and I know each other from the time that she was living in Portland in 2009 or 2010 and we were doing yoga together. We have been friends since then and even if she kept moving to different places we stayed in contact. It has been great to see her growing.

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