Puppet making tutorial 1 – A lizard

I’m sharing a new project here that I hope you will enjoy.

As a lot of you right now, my daily life looks very different from two months ago. Like almost everyone in the world I had to adapt to a new (and temporary) way of living. I cannot tattoo and the puppet performance from Slow Blink Collective that I’m part of and that we were going to perform in late March had to be postponed.

I found myself with all this time on my hands and it has not been easy to manage it. But I have been working on a couple different things including this project. Inspired by the class idea that I would have been teaching in person and by the knowledge that all this stay home situation is very difficult for the kids and parents.

This last spring I was going to be teaching a puppet making class at an elementary school here in Portland, OR. I was invited by Latino Network to work as an instructor in their Studio Latino program in partnership with SUN after school program. I was very excited about the idea and the program coordinators too, since it was going to be a new class. COVID19 arrived and you know the rest, school and almost everything else was cancelled.

This is the first video tutorial that I have ever made so I have a lot to learn and I welcome positive feedback. If people like it I will make more because I enjoyed making it and also sharing fun activities.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones and stay connected.

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