Puppet making tutorial 1 – A lizard

I’m sharing a new project here that I hope you will enjoy.

This last spring I was going to be teaching a puppet making class at an elementary school here in Portland, OR. I was invited by Latino Network to work as an instructor in their Studio Latino program in partnership with SUN after school program. I was very excited about the idea and the program coordinators too, since it was going to be a new class. COVID19 arrived and you know the rest, school and almost everything else was cancelled.

As a lot of you right now, my daily life looks very different from two months ago. Like almost everyone in the world I had to adapt to a new (and temporary) way of living. I cannot tattoo and the puppet performance from Slow Blink Collective that I’m part of and that we were going to perform in late March had to be postponed.

I found myself with all this time on my hands and it has not been easy to manage it. But I have been working on a couple different things including this project. Inspired by the class idea that I would have been teaching in person and by the knowledge that all this stay home situation is very difficult for the kids and parents.

This is the first video tutorial that I have ever made so I have a lot to learn and I welcome positive feedback. If people like it I will make more because I enjoyed making it and also sharing fun activities.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones and stay connected.

Winter Solstice Puppet Show

After a year of taking a rest we decided to come back and do a show this Solstice. I have been part of this project for 14 years and I’m happy that we still putting a show out as a gift to our community in the darkest night. Some people left, some new people joined us, show is happening!

Come celebrate with us.

Two shows: 7 pm & 10 pm at PICA 15 NE Hancock St. – 97212 Portland, Oregon

Donations are highly appreciated since rent of space keeps going up every year.

Happy Solstice and stay warm!

The Grey Sun – paintings – February 2014 at Coffee House Five

The Grey Sun - paintings - February 2014

The Grey Sun is a collection of paintings that I made from November to now. They are inspired by the cold and the winter, I worked with black, white and grey mainly, letting some greens and blues appear in some of the images. Some bare trees and a lot of stars. The sun is a star and the winter is grey. This stars keep appearing in the space, repeating themselves .
Acrylic paint on canvas and plywood.

I’m showing them for the month of February at Coffee House 5 on the corner of N Killingsworth and Albina (across the street from PCC). The place is open 7 days a week till 8 pm (6pm on Sundays).
Pieces are for sale and have a price but you can make me a different offer if you really want one!

Let it fall, let it cool – paintings


To create this work I’ve been inspired by the season, by the fall by the cold by the coming winter.

I played with the idea that I can go or be small or i can go or be big.



November 21st to December 17th  2013 – Posies Cafe  

8208 N. Denver Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97217 (open Mon – Fri: 6:30 am – 6:00 pm & Sat – Sun: 7:30 am – 6:00 pm)

Collection of Inks and Watercolors at Salvage Works


Inks and watercolors from different moments are going to be hanging at Salvage Works from July 18th to August 14th of this year 2013.
Small opening reception Thurs. 18 at 8:30 pm. (fire outside, wine, some snacks)!!!!!

2030 N Willis Blvd. – 97217

Hours: Monday to Saturdays 9 – 6 , Sunday 11 – 4.

Salvave Works is a place for architectural salvage, vintage building materials, custom, hand-made furniture, and assorted what-nots located in the historic North Portland Kenton neighborhood.

Up Coming Shows



February: PAINTINGS AND INKS at In Other Words   feminist community center

14 NE Killingsworth St 97211 – Noon to 7 pm Tuesday through Saturday.


March: PAINTINGS AND OBJECTS at The Way Post –   coffee house and tavern                                                         

 3120 N Williams Ave. 97227 – 10am to 11pm Tuesday through Sunday.