I come from a family full of puppeteers so I can say that I have been playing with puppets since I was a little kid and I continue to do so. I collaborate on different puppet projects with other artists since I moved to Portland Oregon.

I  teach puppet making workshops for kids, young and adults.

I’m currently working on a new project with Slow Blink Puppet Collective. We have been working on “Areito” since January 2019 and we will be performing it on the Spring Equinox weekend, at Head Waters Theater in North Portland.

I have been part of Winter Solstice Puppet Collective since 2006, together we create a puppet show every winter as a gift to our community.

I’m also part  of Paper Eclipse Puppet Company, we started working on 2010 and we mostly create shadow puppets performances. You can check some of Paper Eclipse ‘s performances on You Tube but a lot of the spirit gets lost on the recorded of a live show;  A shadow of a forestSpring is in the air and Deconstruction vs demolition are some of the shows that you can see on You Tube. Our company didn’t perform in a while (since 2018) but we might do some new things together in the future.

Here an old video from a marionettes performance Tim and I did in 2007: At the dance studio

Back Stage with Tim Brock and Moe Bowstern

Shadow Puppets

Marionettes and big paper matche

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