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Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is already here!

Probably you all know that on Friday the 13th tattoo shops have special deals on little flash tattoos. Here is mine: $31 for line tattoos and $50 for color on these specific designs (picture above). The designs are around 2″ inches big.

I’ll be at the shop from noon to 7pm, first come first serve basis.

The designs will be available at regular prices after the Friday the 13th event.

Write me an email if you have any questions: (I’ll be busy tattooing tomorrow so don’t except me to answer back then, but I’ll if you write to me before).

DVC TATTOO in Vancouver, WA downtown: 105 E 9 St. , 98660. Friday July 13th, noon to 7pm.

Friday the 13th.


Friday the 13th special noon to 8 pm . $31 for any one of these designs at DVC Tattoo 105 E 9th St, 98660 Vancouver Wa.

I  was just trying to read a little about the origin of this day and I couldn’t find a lot. Many people believe that it is a bad day to do a lot of things and they even have fear of it. I just learned that this fear or phobia is called paraskevidekatriaphobia (from the Greek words paraskevi Friday and dekatreis thirteen). I grew up in Argentina and people have similar fears when the 13th is a Tuesday.

Traditionally it’s a good day to go get a tattoo since  lot of shops have specials with very convenient prices.

I drew this specific flash to offer at $31. I will not be taking appointments and will work just with these designs. They are all between 1 and 2.5 inches.

Friday May the 13th  from noon to 8 pm at DVC Tattoo on 105 E 9th St. – 98660 – Vancouver, Wa  (7 min from North Portland driving and 30 taking the MAX and transferring to a bus).

I hope to see you there!